Whether it's an eccentric beach wedding or a high-altitude event, a party on exotic island or one spent in the privacy of a restaurant. We are with you everywhere!


Nothing is more important for the photographer than to convey emotion through the image. The wedding is a visual story that we want to revive every time we look for the remaining memories. All you have to do is enjoy every moment.


When talent is completed by more than 20 years of experience, your choice could not be better!


I want the most beautiful pictures at the wedding, because they remain the only memory" - That's what I thought when I started looking for a photographer for the wedding. I searched and searched until I came across Vali Rosca - "wow has imagination, exactly what I'm looking for"… We met, we talked, we clapped and we could not wait for the wedding day, which was perfect, and the photos the best, they knew exactly from what angle to take a picture, where to look, where to sit, how to sit… I joked and laughed especially at Vali's reply “Ahh the light doesn't fall well, come further to the left or further to the right, a little further, ready to stop ”. I was looking forward to what they would look like at the end, and when I saw them it was beyond my expectations, it was clearly the best decision, especially when I saw what picture he managed to take near the door of a building in the old center (it is one of my favorites). Thank you very much Vali Rosca and I can't wait to see you at the Baptism and other events, because I don't want another photographer


Old Town
I met Vali and his wife, Ana, in the spring of 2012, when I clapped for the wedding that was to take place in the same year. I calmed down immediately knowing that I will have the most beautiful memories from the wedding and I was not wrong, that's right. The photo sessions with them are very relaxing so we can't wait for the next opportunity to remind them to be with us and to keep our memories. At the beginning of this year, they also participated in the Baptism of our boy, some wonderful photos and memories resulted, so we can't wait for the next event ... We browse the photo albums with great pleasure and we seem to go back in time reliving those beautiful moments again and again. Thanks for the memories, Vali Rosca !!


Thanks for the Memories!
It started simple: I'm looking for a photographer for the wedding! A photographer friend, also a professional, recommended me a friend ... said and done. We saw each other one afternoon and ... from there everything was simple ... seen, liked, clapped! Wedding day: home, church ... then a 2-hour break in which we thought of doing a photo shoot ... where? (not park, not on benches, not on alleys) On the Bucharest Beltway! It was super relaxing ... we drank beer, smoked and had fun! We were already excited, not knowing what would come out, but we already felt super good together! The wedding at the restaurant followed and ... when it was all over ... we were waiting for the pictures !!! And ... I kind of waited ... but ... the time came when they were ready ... and ... "shock !, shock !, shock!" Super excited it was too little said for what I felt when I saw them !!! I am just as excited after 5 years when I look at them! I don't think I could have "hit" better ... Since then, of course, Vali Rosca has been recommended to many friends and they have all been supercharged! In the meantime we have a little girl and of course we had a photo shoot with her. Everything was so natural and beautiful ... Yes ... Thank you very much Vali Rosca !!! I am glad that we met and that you made the beautiful moments of our life ... beautiful !!!!


Photo session on the road ...

Fantastic team :))

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

Vali Rosca

Lead photographer

The adventure started with the famous Russian device SMENA 8. There is no more intriguing toy than the rectangular device, black, hidden in a leather case. The next was a CANON REBEL on film followed by the best camera ever made by CANON: V1. In 2004 we entered the digital age, and the rectangular box became the carrier of electronic dreams.
I currently my life in endless frames and I do not stop looking for sources of inspiration: from nature to people, a simple photo can hide unlimited details.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”— Andy Warhol

Ana Rosca

Second shooter

My first memories are of my father’s development room. I remember the fascination I had for the red light, printing the date, fixing the image on the paper and even manually cutting each immortalized moment. The smell of developer and fixative is still part of my childhood. The first camera I held was called ZENIT TTL and my relationship with the visual story began with the movies. Nothing seemed more fascinating than the static image, the detail and the connection, the impossible made possible: a dynamic story told by a multitude of fixed frames. Later I would meet my husband, and our bridge was the passion for photography. Currently, we continue to discover the world together in frames, with photo flesh.

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